Bermuda’s Secret Volume 5 TERAMIS now live on Amazon!!

Sorry I have been away folks–working diligently on the books, dealing with personal issues, and exceedingly busier than I would like to be.  Check out the new book.  Volume 6 Confederation will be available for preorder within the month. Thank you all for bearing with me!   Jeff

Met My Friend’s Daughter Stephanie

This last Sunday, I had the honor of meeting my best friend Ron and his wife, Juile’s daughter Stephanie.  She’s really pretty cool–I can’t believe Ron had it in him–just kidding! She is really a great Gal!  Can’t wait to meet his two sons. More Later!!

So far behind–Spring Cleaning, TAXES ugh!

I am so far behind with everything–spring cleaning, TAXES–gotta get them in by next weeks–work–a daughter leaving to teach abroad–and oh dug out and found my 1973 Honda motorcycleGetting it moved around a little finally enabled me to fully close the door on my motorcycle garage –also gave a way the four puppies of the five in our latest litter…

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Bermuda’s Secret Brief Series Update

I decided to re-do the four covers that were on Amazon, as well as change the author name a little–instead of Jeffrey Brown, I opted for J. Lynn Brown, which will help differentiate myself from a prolific author with the name Jeffrey Brown that totally overwhelms any chance of my series gaining a foothold with is body of work. The…

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Motorcycle Riding in the Snow–only in Kansas!!

So, yesterday was in the low 20’s, and today a high of 51 degrees!–still snow in a lot of places, but I was still able to get my Harley out and ride around. Tomorrow, it will again only be a high of 20 degrees, with more snow expected late Friday evening or early Saturday morning! I thought Texas weather was…

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Sudden and Surprising Snow

I’m really tired of winter, but the Groundhog did determine that there will be six more weeks of winter.  Right after that, we went from a day where there was a high of 55Deg. F to this: Now, of course, tomorrow, they are predicting another two to four inches of snow–but that is not the worst part–there will also be…

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County Fire Station Lock Changes in the Flint Hills of Kansas

Over the last few days, I have had six locks to remove, with six new levers to install on widely spaced country rural firestations where I live in Kansas.  The weather was temperate for a change, and while overcast mostly, the scenery was still compelling. I especially liked the old 1800s cemetery that was one of many nestled out there–there…

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