More Numerous Events–Puppies, Publishing, Photography & Packing!

What can I say–over the last several days I have been blessed by being extremely BUSY!!

I might have mentioned that one of my dogs had FIVE puppies–they are now definitely ready to GO!  They have been a handful and have kept me busy!!

I have gotten another book ready for pre-order, and am still feverishly writing the Bermuda’s Secret Series, but also dabbling in some other works as well in that arena.

The locksmith work has picked up–and have been as busy as I dare to be in that arena.

Ebay always keeps me packing orders–a little slow right now, but that allows me time to revamp things there.

Believe it or not, have spent time with my friends Ron and Juie and Mark and the gang–Took pictures of that–pictures and videos of those zany puppies, and have very slowly been working on Myriad websites.

The FLU bug–or whatever it is that has been slowly making the rounds finally got to me as well, so I’ve been a little slower this last week, but now feel I am starting to come out on the other side now!

I will edit this post with some more pictures when time allows!!



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