So far behind–Spring Cleaning, TAXES ugh!

I am so far behind with everything–spring cleaning, TAXES–gotta get them in by next weeks–work–a daughter leaving to teach abroad–and oh dug out and found my 1973 Honda motorcycleGetting it moved around a little finally enabled me to fully close the door on my motorcycle garage

–also gave a way the four puppies of the five in our latest litter (we are keeping one) We named her Faddy McFadderson–isn’t she adorable? I also got to fire my new SCCY CX1 9mm Handgun (review later).  It is the same color as my Alma Mater, Kansas State University–cool huh?

Anyway–am also now getting Bermuda’s Secret Volume Five–Teramis ready for pre-release!  Very exciting times right now!

More Later!

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